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ProductEmail Tools Review
VendorJimmy Kim
Launch Date11-01-2016 (9am est.)
NicheEmail Marketing
CategoryInternet Marketing Product
Price$39.00 monthly $49.00 *One Time Purchase*


Email Tools Overview

The life of Email Marketer can be somewhat challenging. It goes without saying that marketers are not the most popular people in the world. The average person receives 75+ marketing emails per day.

  • Is it really surprising, therefore, that most people have gotten rather fed up with the whole thing?
  • Despite this, Email Marketing can, at first glance, appear to be a relatively simple task. All that you need to do is come up with some great copy, before sending it to everyone on your mailing list, right? Wrong.
  • The reality is that there are so many of us out there that it has become difficult for anyone to stand out. The Email Marketing field is, to say the least, excessively clattered.

This issue extends even to finding the correct tools for your job. There are so many Email Marketing applications out there that choosing the most useful ones can be rather daunting. And the available tools are all rather, one might say, all over the place. So What is Email Tools? Emails Tools solves this problem by bringing together four great applications inside one easy to use cloud based platform. This allows you to add videos, timers, surveys and personalized images to your marketing emails. The application was borne out of the need to have a single product that can help Email Marketers across the globe reach out to potential customers in a more effective way. This is achieved by addressing the four most important aspects of Email Marketing;

The Creation of Engagement:

Your email has to be compelling enough to catch the eyes of your prospects. Otherwise it risks making the short, unceremonious trip into the Trash folder without even being opened.

The Creation of Urgency:

The effective marketing email is able to generate a sense of urgency in recipients. That is the only way through which your prospects can be made to move through each of the steps in an Email Marketing cycle; from opening to clicking through and, finally, to conversion.


It goes without saying that personalization remains one of the most useful, yet simple ways through which you can improve your open rates. Human beings, in general, respond in a favorable way when they are addressed to as individuals.


The importance of feedback to any Email Marketing campaign can never be overemphasized. Allowing your prospects to tell you exactly what they think about your campaign gives you the chance to revise and make it better, leading to better conversion rates in the future.

Email Tools: Powerful Simplicity

I have to confess that I was, at first, rather skeptical about Email Tools. After all, most of the applications that it touts are already out there, aren’t they? Boy, have I ever been this wrong. After being offered the chance to try out and produce an Email Tools review, I was quite impressed by what it can do.

  • Not only does the platform combine four useful applications, but it does so in a way that is uncluttered and easy to understand.
  • This simplicity does not, however, mean that Jimmy Kim’s Email Tools has compromised on usability.
  • Indeed, the user experience is enhanced, with email marketers able to take advantage of the Email Tools Timer, Email Tools Video, Email Tools Image and Email Tools Survey app, which are imbedded therein, to come up with emails that are more likely to lead to conversions.

About Jimmy Kim

Email Tools Jimmy Kim

The Email Tools platform was created by Jimmy Kim, an Email Marketing enthusiast and Software Developer. He is also the founder of a company that specializes in the provision of versatile and multi-faceted marketing solutions for a variety of businesses.

  • Jimmy Kim lives in San Diego, in the United States and became interested in sales and marketing at a very early age. This interest naturally progressed into Internet Marketing, and culminated in the creation of Snaptactix.
  • Years down the line, he has become an expert in Email Marketing, Copywriting and backend Monetization.
  • Jimmy Kim’s is one of those rare individuals who are always looking to create something new. This entrepreneurial spirit has seen him also co-founding and becoming the CEO of Email Services Provider.
  • He is also the Chief Operating Officer of KNYEW, a clothing boutique that is based in Las Vegas.


As mentioned earlier on in this Email Tools review, the product that Jimmy Kim has come up with is a 4-in-1 application that brings together components that should be useful to all Email Marketing executives across the globe. As Jimmy Kim states himself in this product introduction YouTube video, you could probably find some of the features that are in Email Tools out there, if you look hard and long enough.

  • However, the one thing that separates Email Tools from its competitors is that these useful applications have been refined, enhanced and brought together onto a single platform;

Ease of Use:

You might already have discerned, from what I have been saying during this Email Tools review, that I was quite bowled over by the ease of use of the application. Where there are probably thousands of tools out there that claim to be able to help you create that sought after email that will generate loads of leads for your company, the fact remains that most of these take some getting used to.

  • The Email Tools dashboard is uncluttered, with each of the 4 components that form the application laid out in a manner that has clearly been designed with user-friendliness in mind.
  • On top of that, Jimmy Kim’s Email Tools application has a training area that you can find to the left of your screen.
  • Here, users can easily go through videos that explain, in great detail, how to use each of the four components.

Timer App:

The first of Email Tools’ great components is the Email Timer tool. As an Email Marketing specialist, you have probably long been aware of the need to create a sense of urgency in prospects, as a way of subtly pushing them towards responding positively to your call to action.

  • You want people to buy that eBook that you have been selling at a discount through your website, right?
  • The best way to do so would, as an example, involve having a timer imbedded into your Marketing Email, that shows the hours that are left before the expiry of the promotion.

One of the things that I found notable, while reviewing Jimmy Kim’s Email Tools, was that it is intuitive and, therefore, very easy to use.

  • Should you ever find yourself in trouble, you can always turn to the Training section of Email Tools, where you will find videos that explain, in simple terms, each of the four tools.

Email Tools Video App:

Have you ever considered embedding a video into your marketing email? If the answer is yes, then Jimmy Kim’s Email Tools provides you with the best application that you can find on the market that have been designed to help you achieve this end.

  • There is no doubt that video has become a central part of media consumption in the 21st You only have to look at the popularity of YouTube to understand this trend.
  • According to some reports, including videos in a marketing email can increase your open rate by as much as 19 percent. It can also increase the conversion rate by as much as 65%, while reducing unsubscribers by around 26%.

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Email Tools Image App:

The Email Image tool is another component of the Email Tools application that, I believe, makes it a must have for Digital Marketing executives across the globe. Along with videos and other multimedia formats, images have been shown to have a notable role in increasing the click-through rate during Email Marketing campaigns.

Email Tools Survey App:

The fourth component of Jimmy Kim’s Email Tools is the Email Survey tool. If you are on the hunt for a great application that will not only increase engagement, but will also give you an insight into customer satisfaction and other testable parameters, then this tool is a must have for you. As with all the other tools in the Email Tools basket, the Email Survey application is striking for its ease of use. This does not, however, as I found out, mean that it is anything but powerful.

  • Rather than having an interface that is overwhelmingly clattered, Jimmy Kim chose one that is simple, yet effective.

The Email Survey tool allows you to effectively get useful feedback from your prospects, which, in turn, gives you the chance to make further improvements to your Email Marketing campaign. As mentioned earlier, feedback allows you to refine your campaign and helps keep prospects engaged.

Product Delivery:

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with login and password.


How much should an Email Marketing App. cost?

  • While this question is not easy to answer, what I can say about Jimmy Kim’s Email Tools is that it is one of the least expensive web based Email Marketing tools that can be found on the market today.
  • Starting at only $49, users are offered, as shown in the preceding review, four powerful tools that have been designed to increase the effectiveness of their Email Marketing campaigns.
  • The suite comes with an Unlimited Personal License and, on top of that, bonus training videos that show you how to use each of the four applications that make up Email Tools.
  • You can also purchase the Enterprise Edition of Email Tools, which comes with a Developer and Commercial License.
  • Email Tools Enterprise comes at a cost of $67.

Email Tools Guarantee:

I expect Email Tools will have a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Jimmy Kim will honor it.

All legitimate products offer an ironclad guarantee. I have researched the Jimmy Kim and have determined that there are no Email Tools Scam Reports or Email Tools Rip Off Reports to date. Furthermore, I have complete confidence that if there are any negative reports in the future all issues will be resolved quickly and to everyone's satisfaction.
I honestly believe Email Tools is a legitimate product.

Jimmy Kim's Customer Support:

  • How do I contact Jimmy Kim?
  • Will I get a prompt reply?
  • Will Jimmy Kim solve my issue?
  • How long will it take?
  • Will my experience be positive and friendly?

These are all questions I will answer in the final review.

Support really does matter! What do you do when you purchase a product and something like your login does not work? You contact Support, and hope for an immediate response and solution. As you know, this my not always be the case. I will let you know what to expect in terms of response time, courtesy, and expected resolution. I will also let you know the different channels to contact Jimmy Kim and their staff.

Additional Information

Email Tools Review will cover everything outlined above and more. I will let you know everything about this product so you have a complete, honest picture that helps you decide if you actually want or need Email Tools.

  • Tools in One location
  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Implement
  • Great Video Tutorials
  • Easy Setup
  • Great Quality
  • Any Skill Level

  • None



Is Email Tools Worth the Money?

Email Tools Review

After trying out Email Tools, I do have to say that its creator, Jimmy Kim has managed to come up with something that, so far, has been rather elusive within the Email Marketing field; a tool that is not only powerful and cost effective, but one that also brings together a number of indispensable components. The amazing thing is that it does this without the clutter and complexity of most of its competitors. This is a tool that should help everyone who is interested in lead generation, by availing, in one place, everything that is needed to increase open, click-through and conversion rates.

Email Tools Bonus

Email Tools Bonus 1 ($16.00 FREE)
Email Marketing Made Easy
“Email Marketing Made Easy” is a must read that every serious marketer, regardless expertise:

  • Here is what you get inside:
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  • Be Tuned in to Your Subscribers

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This 46 page book and 10 videos demonstrate Marketers how to write compelling emails that actually work. Here are a few of the topics:

  • Write with excitement & emotion
  • Scarcity, deadlines and limits
  • Things to avoid
  • Hot email subject lines
  • Write as if you’re writing to a friend
  • The first line in your email body
  • All-important call-to-action
  • Links that motivate & look appealing
  • The “cliffhanger effect”
  • The power of questions
  • Using specifics & numbers
  • Special characters
  • Start with a strong opening

and much more…
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  • Action Plan: Day 2 and Beyond
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  • Develop Your Own Products
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  • The Daily Email
  • Personalize Your Emails
  • Less Is More Profitable
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  • Emails that Get Results
  • Put This One Thing in Your Subject Lines and Watch
  • What to Write First When Crafting Email Copy

and much more…
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Email Marketing Step By Step Guide
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  • Broadcasting Live Email
  • Email Marketing – The Introduction

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Check out what you will learn from this course:

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  • Basics of Email Marketing

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Email Tools Bonus 6 ($16.00 FREE)
Email Marketing Mastery
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  • Track the Success Of Your Campaigns
  • Make Money from Your Subscribers
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  • The Biggest Email Marketing Myth
  • How Often Should You Be Mailing

and much more…
Email Tools Bonus 7 ($16.00 FREE)
Email Marketing Profits
This 6 part video series cover the following concepts:

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  • Daily Impact
  • Advanced School Of Thought
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Email Tools Review


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